The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules

Many of us ask ourselves the question - how to brush your teeth? Let's look at some rules that will help keep your teeth clean.


• Toothbrush be kept at 45 degrees to the gum line.


• When cleaning the upper teeth, brush strokes must be directed downward and vice versa (bottom cleaning - moving up).


• To clean the exterior of the teeth, the movement should be short.


• While it is desirable to clean no more than two teeth. You do not need much pressure on the brush.

Services and Prices


Every clinical case is different, and the approach to solving a particular problem must be complex. Therefore, we are in no hurry to seat the client in the chair and immediately begin treatment. It all starts with an introduction and a trusting relationship between the client and the doctor. Any dental procedure begins by obtaining the necessary information from the patient, and preliminary diagnostic measures. Then make a treatment plan, the most effective in each case, taking into account the wishes of the client. For us it is crucial that the patient is fully informed of the status of his mouth. And only after approval of the treatment plan we start medical treatment.

Occupational health and prevention

This is the beginning any treatment in our clinic. The fact that the presence of dental plaque is a pathogenic factor in the mouth and can hide under an additional problem. Professional oral hygiene - a set of actions, during which the doctor removes hard and soft dental plaque from all tooth surfaces with an ultrasonic handpiece, professional brushes and pastes and polishes their system Air Flow (water-powder slurry under high pressure). The same held flyuorization of teeth. These results can not be achieved at home, so we recommend you take professional oral hygiene at least twice during the year.

Prices for major works:

  • • Scaling from 200 hryvnia.

Preventive dentistry

Therapeutic treatment in our clinic is held with a patient for diseases such as caries, pulpits, periodontal, as well as the wedge-shaped defects and other non-carious lesions of teeth. Endodontic - one of the most difficult topics in dentistry, which requires high professional skills. For endodontic treatment is root canal treatment and periapical tissues. From the quality of the treatment depends on the preservation of the tooth and the duration of service for further restoration work. Each stage of endodontic treatment is very important. Only thorough their conduct may give a good and prolonged effect in the future. For the best results in this difficult form of treatment we use endodontic motor - unique, highly intelligent device that allows maximum quality pass narrow and curved root canals, as well as hydrophilic apex locator, device that allows you to control the length of the passage channel instruments. Control of all stages were performed using X-ray machine.

We treated teeth for both adults and children.

Prices for major works:

  • • caries from 250 hryvnia.
  • • Treatment of pulpits from 700 hryvnia.


Prosthetic Dentistry - branch of dentistry, dedicated to the elimination of defects and deformities of dentition dentures - prosthetic teeth. Many of us sooner or later have to deal with the loss of a tooth, despite careful and regular oral hygiene. In this case, to find a beautiful smile will help orthopedic surgeon. Through the use of modern technologies and materials in the prosthesis of teeth can be repaired quickly and efficiently. Artificial teeth by a dentist-orthopedist, visually and functionally indistinguishable from natural teeth. Modern orthopedics rehabilitates teeth, as in the elderly and young people who have lost teeth due to various reasons. In prosthetics we use both simple and the most sophisticated modern technology.

Prices for major works:

  • • metal crown from 750 hryvnia.
  • • ceramic crown zirconium oxide from 2400 hryvnia.
  • • clasp prosthesis from 1800 hryvnia.
  • • denture nylon from 1800 hryvnia.
  • • implant prosthesis from 1050 hryvnia.
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