The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules

Many of us ask ourselves the question - how to brush your teeth? Let's look at some rules that will help keep your teeth clean.


• Toothbrush be kept at 45 degrees to the gum line.


• When cleaning the upper teeth, brush strokes must be directed downward and vice versa (bottom cleaning - moving up).


• To clean the exterior of the teeth, the movement should be short.


• While it is desirable to clean no more than two teeth. You do not need much pressure on the brush.

About the Clinic

When planning the design of the clinic "Family Dentistry", the main task was to create a homely atmosphere. To do this, we have put together the latest technologies and friendly atmosphere, making you feel as comfortable as we like visiting old friends. The clinic is a special atmosphere of home comfort and cleanliness. Make it for yourself by looking at a virtual tour of the clinic.

"Family Dentistry" - a new generation hospital.

Confirms our status and conceptually correct arrangement. When choosing equipment, materials and devices, we stayed only for proven practices and brands. Multifunctional dental devices, advanced equipment for endodontic dentistry, advanced materials, X-ray equipment - all this combined with our professionalism, the most easy to achieve the best results.

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