The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules

Many of us ask ourselves the question - how to brush your teeth? Let's look at some rules that will help keep your teeth clean.


• Toothbrush be kept at 45 degrees to the gum line.


• When cleaning the upper teeth, brush strokes must be directed downward and vice versa (bottom cleaning - moving up).


• To clean the exterior of the teeth, the movement should be short.


• While it is desirable to clean no more than two teeth. You do not need much pressure on the brush.

Clinic "Family Dentistry"

Family DentistryModern dentistry, as nor any other branch of medicine is growing rapidly due to high technology. After gathering the necessary experience in 22 years of practice and organization in dentistry, I derived a formula clinic, which is in reasonable combination of advanced, modern technology with a working knowledge of the older generation of doctors, clinics, where the first place is an individual patient, as every man unrepeatable and unique. As a result, there was "Family Dentistry" - one of the most innovative and technologically advanced hospitals Chernigov. And our main tasks, in addition to improving your health, highlight your personality through our professionalism with your wishes. In this case, pricing is very loyal, and for some types of work we have the lowest prices in Chernihiv!

Unfortunately, dental care, some people, mostly the older generation, associated with pain and stress. But you must understand that it is all in the past. Modern technologies allow to perform all dental procedures painless. And the same is true for the younger generation, because the first child dating a doctor is very important. This forms the relationship of the child with medicine in general.

In our clinic, you can get expert advice of an experienced dentist for only 10 hryvnia. We provide all types of therapeutic interventions and prosthetic dentistry, hygiene services and prevention. Most of our services are: teeth whitening, professional ultrasonic teeth cleaning, treatment of caries and its complications: pulpitis, periodontal, and metal-ceramic prosthesis and ceramic based on zirconium oxide.

All our efforts are aimed at creating a comfortable environment and to each of your visit to our clinic has left only the memory of a pleasant experience.

Provide us the honor of your trust!

The head of the clinic "Family Dentistry" in Chernihiv,
Dr. Andrew Mishustin

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